Trump Is ‚Most Stunning Example of the Success of the Prosperity Gospel,‘ Expert Says

Trump Is ‚Most Stunning Example of the Success of the Prosperity Gospel,‘ Expert Says

By Brandon Showalter , CP Reporter | Jun 8, 2017 11:03 AM

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President Donald Trump speaks in the Rose Garden at the White House on May 4, 2017.
A religion scholar who studies the prosperity gospel argued that Donald Trump represents the „most stunning example“ of the success of this theology.
At the Faith Angle Forum in Miami last month sponsored by the Washington-based Ethics and Public Policy Center, Kate Bowler, a history professor from Duke Divinity School unpacked the nuances of what is often referred to as the „health and wealth gospel“ or „prosperity theology“ before prominent religion journalists. Among the many things her book, Blessed: A History of the American Prosperity Gospel, explores are the origins and dimensions of prosperity teaching, how such teaching manifests in the United States and around the world, and how it feeds the „self-made American“ ideal.

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Dr. Kate Bowler, assistant professor of history at Duke Divinity School, at Faith Angle Forum, May 7-9, 2017, Miami Beach, Florida.
„When I first wrote Blessed, I thought that my job primarily was to explain why one of the most derided Christian movements in American history was not just a punch line. I wanted them to be taken seriously, as we historians like to say, despite its reputation for being maudlin and smarmy,“ Bowler explained.
Yet she soon became sympathetic to the movement’s ability to be in touch with the deepest desires of people.
Even with its extensive television presence and the money gained from bestselling books, „the prosperity movement has always coveted what it did not have,“ she continued.



Televangelist Benny Hinn Admits Going Too Far With Prosperity Gospel in Wake of Billy Graham’s Death

By Leonardo Blair , Christian Post Reporter | Feb 22, 2018 1:00 PM


Benny Hinn
In the wake of the death of renowned evangelist Billy Graham, controversial faith-healing televangelist Benny Hinn, who has often been criticized for his endorsement of the prosperity gospel, said in a stunning confession Wednesday that sometimes he has taken the erroneous gospel too far.
„We get attacked for preaching prosperity, well it’s in the Bible, but I think some have gone to the extreme with it sadly, and it’s not God’s word what is taught and I think I’m as guilty as others. Sometimes you go a little farther than you really need to go and then God brings you back to normality and reality,“ Hinn, 65, said as he reflected on Graham’s death with a ministry colleague in a Facebook Live broadcast.
He admitted that as he has grown older and come to understand the Bible more, he now realizes that some of the things he learned from preachers when he was growing up aren’t biblical and the popular interpretation of the prosperity gospel — the teaching that believers have a right to the blessings of health and wealth and that they can obtain these blessings through positive confessions of faith and the „sowing of seeds“ through the faithful payments of tithes and offerings — is one of those things.
„The more you know the Bible the more you become biblically based and more balanced in your opinions and your thoughts because we are influenced. When I was younger I was influenced by the preachers who taught whatever they taught. But as I’ve lived longer I’m thinking wait a minute, you know this doesn’t fit totally with the Bible and it doesn’t fit with the reality. So what is prosperity? No lack. I’ve said this before,“ Hinn said.
He then elaborated on how he believes „no lack“ should be interpreted.
„Did Elijah the prophet have a car? No. Did not even have a bicycle. He had no lack … Did Jesus drive a car or live in a mansion? No. He had no lack. How about the apostles? None lacked among them,“ Hinn said. „Today, the idea is abundance and palatial homes and cars and bank accounts. The focus is wrong … It’s so wrong.“
He said even though he has been accused of living lavishly and flying private jets in the past ,that is not how he currently lives.
„I mean forgive me. People have accused me of things that aren’t even real. One guy wrote a comment ‚Oh he’s worth 40 million.‘ Oh how I wish. I would give it all to the Kingdom before God Almighty,“ he said.
„‚Well he flies private jets,'“ he continued mimicking criticism. „No, I don’t. I have not flown private in dear God years. I fly commercial just like anyone else….
„We all sadly make the mistake of thinking that this is what God wants and God says ‚No, that’s not what I want.‘ It’s time to live biblically. You know it all comes down to one thing. Do we love Jesus, yes or no? If we love Jesus then it’s all about Jesus. If we don’t love Jesus then it’s about other things,“ he said.
Hinn was one of six televangelists who were part of a 2007 Senate inquiry that raised questions about the personal use of church-owned airplanes, luxury homes and credit cards by pastors and their families, and expressed concern about the lack of oversight of finances by boards often packed with the televangelists‘ relatives and friends. No definitive findings of wrongdoing were made. Hinn’s World Healing Center Church and Joyce Meyer Ministries were the only two ministries that fully cooperated with the investigation and even implemented financial reforms.
Hinn, who was born into a Christian family in Israel, has repeatedly been accused of being a fraud and criticized for living extravagantly while leading a ministry that rakes in more than $100 million annually.
In a 2009 interview on ABC’s „Nightline,“ Hinn denied being a fraud.
„I think if I was fooling the people, over 35 years of it now, I would have been caught already fooling them,“ he told the network.
Last April, after criminal investigators from the IRS and inspectors from the U.S. Postal Service executed a closely guarded raid on the offices of Hinn’s ministry in Grapevine, Texas, he revealed that they were looking into „certain operations of the church.“
While he did not go into much detail about which aspects of his ministry federal officials had reviewed, he said in a statement on Facebook that he was confident the investigation will end favorably.
„As has been widely reported, Benny Hinn Ministries is cooperating fully with the governmental entities that are reviewing certain operations of the Church. The ministry has undergone intense scrutiny over the years, and we remain confident that there will again be a positive and speedy outcome in the days ahead,“ his ministry said.
During the broadcast Wednesday, one of his colleagues, who has known him for 30 years, said Hinn would give every material thing that he has for the presence of the Lord.
As a pastor, Hinn also said he wants his life to end right with God……