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‘A Pipeline Straight to Jail’ (from @Truthdig)

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Millions of brilliant Americans—often people of color—have been set up from birth to be put behind bars. Boris Franklin was one of them, and his words dramatically trace a powerful system that destroys lives.

Source: ‘A Pipeline Straight to Jail’ (from @Truthdig)

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Großartig: eine Viertelmillion Teilnehmer bei der Anti-TTIP Demonstration!

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Das gibt Hoffnung! Es scheint so, dass doch eine wachsende Zahl von Menschen begreift, was die US-Politik auch mit Europa vorhat. Eine Viertelmillion Demonstranten am Samstag, dem 10. Oktober, haben in Berlin deutlich gezeigt, was sie von dem irrsinnigen TTIP halten. Es ist zu hoffen, dass dieser Hoffnungsfunke noch mehr gesellschaftlichen Widerstand entzündet. Die drohenden Entwicklungen lassen auch explizit an das im Grundgesetz verankerte „Widerstandsrecht“ denken (http://dejure.org/gesetze/GG/20.html).

Leider war ich durch einen mehrtägigen Besuch in Hamburg an der Teilnahme verhindert, aber etwas von mir war zu meiner großen Freude anwesend, eine Karikatur von mir zum TTIP:


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TTIP: die geplante Hinrichtung von

Demokratie, Souveränität, Sozialstandards, Verbraucherschutz und Ökologie!“:


Hier ein Filmbericht von der beachtlichen Demonstration:


Andreas Schlüter

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Von Nine Eleven zur Sprengung Europas?” https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2015/09/30/von-nine-eleven-zur-sprengung-europas/

Video-Vortrag: “Der Einfluss der US-Machtelite auf die Internationale Politik”: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/der-einfluss-der-us-amerikanischen-machtelite-auf-die-internationale-politik/

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NRA Policies Support Gun Trafficking Across The United States Gun Trafficking: A Taboo Subject in Our State and National Politics

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NRA Policies Support Gun Trafficking Across The United States

Gun Trafficking: A Taboo Subject in Our State and National Politics

Guns Are For The Weak & Ignorant

“I pulled out the gun and shot, like, without looking, twice, three times, as a matter of fact…”

Those chilling words were uttered by Boris Brown, then 20, to prosecutors nine days after he fired wildly into a crowd, killing 17-year-old Cheyenne Baez and injuring one other. One minute, Cheyenne was talking to friends in a courtyard. The next, she had become another young victim of gun violence.

This summer, Brown and his co-defendant, Devon Coughman, were sentenced to 32-years-to-life and 10 years in prison, respectively, after being convicted by a jury for that fatal 2010 shooting in East Harlem.

The gun that Brown used to fire into a crowd was never recovered. That means this deadly weapon is unaccounted for…

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Here’s How We Protest Against Fascist Newspapers In Britain | True Activist

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Finally, British people say enough is enough with the Daily Mail’s fascist, racist propagada

Source: Here’s How We Protest Against Fascist Newspapers In Britain | True Activist

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“Our duty in central Europe is to show compassion to refugees” TheGuardian

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Our duty in central Europe is to show compassion to refugees

Migrants and refugees queue at a camp to be registered after crossing the Macedonian-Greek border near Gevgelija
Migrants and refugees queue at a camp to be registered after crossing the Macedonian-Greek border near Gevgelija. Photograph: Nikolay Doychinov/AFP/Getty Images

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US Movement Replacing Columbus Day With Events Honoring Native Americans Gains Steam

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US Movement Replacing Columbus Day With Events Honoring Native Americans Gains Steam



About four miles from the world’s largest Christopher Columbus parade in midtown Manhattan on Monday, hundreds of Native Americans and their supporters will hold a sunrise prayer circle to honor ancestors who were slain or driven from their land.

The ceremony will begin the final day of a weekend “powwow” on Randall’s Island in New York’s East River, an event that features traditional dancing, story-telling and art.

The Redhawk Native American Arts Council’s powwow is both a celebration of Native American culture and an unmistakable counterpoint to the parade, which many detractors say honors a man who symbolizes centuries of oppression of aboriginal people by Europeans.

Organizers hope to call attention to issues of social and economic injustice that have dogged…

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There Were 2 Different School Shootings Today In The United States

Oct 9, 2015 2:29pm

Early Friday morning, a freshman student at Northern Arizona University drew a handgun and shot four other students during a confrontation. One of those students, Colin Brough, is dead.

Police reportedly arrested the shooter, Steven Jones, after he stopped firing.

Then, just hours later, another shooting occurred near Texas Southern University’s campus. Two people were reportedly shot in that incident and one is dead. The campus is currently in lockdown and classes have been canceled. Police say that a possible suspect is in custody.

According to Everytown For Gun Safety, there have been 144 school shootings in the United States since 2013, an average of one a week. On Friday, the nation did not even make it an entire day before another shooting happened. …


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