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3 tactics Facebook uses to avoid a security breach

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Amid the deluge of announcements that Facebook dropped during its annual F8 developers conference this week was a clear emphasis on computer security.

In CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote, the topic was easily overshadowed by all the new developer toys the social media company announced. But during the rest of the two-day conference, it was clear that security and infrastructure stability was top of mind for Facebook, and multiple sessions offered guidance to partners. (“Move fast with stable infra,” Zuckerberg declared, his spin on the Silicon Valley mantra, “Move fast and break things.”)

Understandably, the F8 sessions detailing security and privacy contained noticeably fewer attendees than other sessions—a sign, perhaps, that many businesses still consider cyber security an afterthought.

But companies would be wise to take a look at how Facebook itself works to avoid the type of data breach that wreaked havoc on Sony Pictures Entertainment. Hackers have

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Russian military TV station offers job to Jeremy Clarkson after BBC fires him from Top Gear

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MOSCOW — A television station owned by the Russian defence ministry is offering a job to former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.

The BBC announced Wednesday that it wouldn’t renew Clarkson’s contract after a fracas with a producer, ending his connection to the immensely popular program.
The Zvezda TV channel published a letter to Clarkson on its website late Thursday, inviting him to visit Moscow in April and discuss launching a car show in Russia.

Zvezda also quoted a Clarkson representative, saying that the offer has been forwarded to his client and that he is considering it.

The Guinness Book of World Records has described Top Gear as the world’s most widely watched factual program. It broadcasts to 214 territories worldwide and has an estimated global audience of 350 million.

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Clarkson is facing a possible criminal investigation after police asked to see the findings of the BBC’s report…

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Nu-Afrikan Prisonerz Retaliated Against by Institutional Gang Investigatorz (IGI)

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Nu-Afrikan Prisonerz Retaliated Against by Institutional Gang Investigatorz (IGI)

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Here at a torture unit known as the Corcoran Security Housing Unit (SHU), we New Afrikan freedom fighters and other entities are getting retaliated on by the fascist Institutional Gang Investigators (IGI). IGI and their cronies seem to think that attacking those who were hunger strikers and at the forefront of the prison movement is gonna distract us from our main objective in challenging this oppressive system. They are holding onto our mail for months at a time, giving out petty disciplinary cases after cell searches and calling miscellaneous items contraband, such as extra laundry or wire we use to make our digital channels come in clearly, and radios without static.Due to the outside support we received for the collective solidarity we expressed on the inside, we’ve received but a…

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Facebook opens up Messenger to third-party apps

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SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook’s Messenger app is evolving into a multitasking tool equipped to send an animated fist bump to a friend at one moment and then get a little business done in the next.

In an effort to pull off the transformation, Facebook Inc. is opening Messenger so outside programmers can build features tailored for the service. By the end of April, Messenger will also be adding the ability to display store receipts and shipping information to help consumers keep track of their interactions with merchants and other businesses.

The push to diversify Messenger addresses a potential threat to Facebook’s ubiquitous social network posed by a variety of mobile messaging maps offering more intimate and direct ways to connect with friends.

READ MORE: Facebook introduces payments feature for its messenger app

Younger people, in particular, are increasingly using a wide range of mobile messaging apps to communicate while spending…

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Time for Swedish Jews to Leave?

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf HumansinShadow.wordpress.com:

Time for Swedish Jews to Leave?http://mosaicmagazine.com/observation/2015/03/time-for-swedish-jews-to-leave/

When we ask for guarantees of our safety, we’re met with speeches and calls for patience. This is not living.

March 18, 2015 | Annika Hernroth-Rothstein
In the wake of a nearby explosion, a man enters a Jewish community centre in Malmo, southern Sweden, in 2012. DRAGO PRVULOVIC/AFP/GettyImages.

They canceled Jewish winter camp. It sounds like a little thing, but in Sweden, where we have very few venues in which to lead our Jewish lives, it means a great deal. Winter camp is a yearly highlight, a place where our children can learn and play with other Jewish children, without worry. This year, they won’t be able to go, and for a simple reason—because it’s not safe.

The decision to cancel the camp was a reaction to the terrorist attack in neighboring Denmark, where Dan Uzan, a volunteer security guard outside a Copenhagen synagogue, was shot…

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Witnesses describe the moment they heard plane crash into French Alps

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A Germanwings passenger jet carrying 150 people crashed Tuesday in a snowy, remote section of the French Alps, sounding like an avalanche as it scattered pulverized debris across the mountain. All aboard were feared dead, French officials said.

The pilots sent out no distress call and had lost radio contact with its control centre, France’s aviation authority said, deepening the mystery over the A320’s mid-flight crash after an eight-minute surprise steep descent as it flew from Barcelona to Duesseldorf.

The plane crashed at an altitude of about 2,000 metres, at Meolans-Revels, near the popular ski resort of Pra Loup. The site is 700 kilometres south-southeast of Paris.

“It was a deafening noise. I thought it was an avalanche, although it sounded slightly different. It was short noise and lasted just a few seconds,” Sandrine Boisse, the president of the Pra Loup tourism office, told The Associated Press.

The owner of…

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Survivors unlikely after Airbus carrying 148 passengers crashes in southern France

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf National Post:

An Airbus A320 single-aisle aircraft crashed in southern France and French President Francois Hollande said there are unlikely to be any survivors.

The aircraft went down in the Digne region that is about an hour north of Marseille, according to local police. Wreckage has been sighted, French television reported, and the government has called a crisis meeting, with the prime minister headed to the site. The plane was carrying 148 people on board, Hollande said.

“This is a tragedy that has happened on French soil,” Hollande said in Paris. “We need to show all support in the face of this drama.”

The aircraft was operated by Germanwings, the low-cost subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, according to German air traffic control authorities, which identified the plane was Flight No. 9525 en route to Dusseldorf from Barcelona.

The plane went down in rugged terrain, according to Hollande, who is coordinating a crisis…

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