New Soil Study Shows Pesticides ‘Destroying the Very Foundations of Web of Life’


New Soil Study Shows Pesticides ‘Destroying the Very Foundations of Web of Life’

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May 13th, 2021

ByJessica Corbett

Via Common Dreams

A studypublishedTuesday in the journalFrontiers in Environmental Sciencebolsters alarm about the role that agricultural pesticides play in what scientists have dubbed the “bugpocalypse” and led authors to call for stricter regulations across the U.S.

It’s extremely concerning that over 70% of cases show that pesticides significantly harm soil invertebrates.”
—Tara Cornelisse, Center for Biological Diversity

Researchers at the University of Maryland as well as the advocacy groups Friends of the Earth U.S. and the Center for Biological Diversity were behind what they say is “the largest, most comprehensive review of the impacts of agricultural pesticides on soil organisms ever conducted.”

The study’s authors warn the analyzed pesticides pose a grave danger toinvertebratesthat…

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