Failing the DNA Test

Failing the DNA test

Massachusetts is one of only two states in the country without a law granting prison inmates the right to test DNA evidence that might prove their innocence. A lingering, long-contested bill may finally change that.

By Michael Blanding and Lindsay Markel

Boston Globe wrote an article about this theme


Hank Skinner: Texas Execution Stayed! Thank God!

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Texas Execution Stayed

Texas’ highest criminal court this month stayed an impending execution date for Hank Skinner, who is seeking DNA tests on evidence that could prove his innocence.

Thousands of Innocence Project supporters spoke up for Skinner by calling on prosecutors to grant DNA tests. Stay tuned to the Innocence Blog for updates on the case.

And thousands of people in Germany & Europe spoke up for Hank Skinner.

And ….


In Letter to Obama Dozens of European Parliamentarians Condemn Abusive Treatment of Bradley Manning

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In Letter to Obama Dozens of European Parliamentarians Condemn Abusive Treatment of Bradley Manning

Over 50 members of the European Parliament have signed an open letter to the President Obama and U.S. military officials expressing concerns about the treatment of Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking secret government documents to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

Manning, who has been held in military detention since May 2010, spent eight months in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, monitored incessantly and at times forced to sleep naked.  The letter comes on the heel of a pre-trial military hearing scheduled to begin on December 16, which will mark Manning’s first appearance in court. 

The Parliamentarians echoed sentiments similar to another open letter to the Obama administration released earlier this year and signed by hundreds of US legal scholars arguing that the conditions of Manning’s confinement amounted to torture. In an attempt to investigate allegations of mistreatment, Juan Méndez, the UN special rapporteur on torture, made repeated requests for access to Manning which US authorities have refused to grant.  The MEP’s stressed the need for the US to comply with an investigation.

“In order to uphold the rights guaranteed to Bradley Manning under international human rights law and the US constitution, it is imperative that the United Nations special rapporteur be allowed to properly investigate evidence of rights abuses. PFC Manning has a right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment. People accused of crimes must not be subjected to any form of punishment before being brought to trial.“ 


They also expressed alarm that Manning is being charged with „aiding the enemy”, a capital offense punishable by death.

„We certainly do not understand why an alleged whistleblower is being threatened with the death penalty, or the possibility of life in prison. We also question whether Bradley Manning’s right to due process has been upheld, as he has now spent over 17 months in pre-trial confinement.“


You can read the entire letter here

By Rania Khalek | Sourced from AlterNet

Posted at November 30, 2011, 9:55 am


Security researcher: Android software ‘Carrier IQ’ records communications | The Raw Story

Security researcher: Android software ‘Carrier IQ’ records communications | The Raw Story.

Prison Affairs

Doctors Mistreat California Inmates, Still Collect Large Salaries | AlterNet read more there

Doctors Mistreat California Inmates, Still Collect Large Salaries | AlterNet.

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Doctors Mistreat California Inmates, Still Collect Large Salaries

California paid millions to doctors suspended from treating prisoners due to malpractices
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In 2005, a federal court deemed California’s prison healthcare system so jacked up that it amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. Since then, the feds have operated the state’s prison healthcare system, but it still pays salaries to those doctors who made it cruel and unusually punishing. In some cases, doctors are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, even though they are suspended from treating inmates due to medical missteps and malpractice. Other doctors collect large salaries though demoted to doing things like carrying mail.

Dr. Allan Yin, whose negligence led to the deaths of two inmates and who almost blinded a third, gets paid $235,000 for being a mail courier. Dr. Radu Mischiu, no longer a psychiatrist due to her negligence, gets paid $268,524 for sorting mail.

As reported by the L.A. Times, over 30 medical professionals are collecting six-figure salaries  after being deemed too…


The Shocking Ways the Corporate Prison Industry Games the System | | AlterNet

The Shocking Ways the Corporate Prison Industry Games the System | | AlterNet.


Change for a Dollar (Change 4 1 $)

Change for a Dollar:

Change For A Dollar – YouTubeÜbersetzen

  1. Is he asking for Change, or is he asking for CHANGE? Follow a man as he affects multiple peoples‘ lives with just one dollar, proving that it doesn’t take …
    www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DXL9vIUbWg – Im Cache

Bradley & Assange




Bradley Manning treatment in custody concerns MEPs:  Open letter to US authorities raises human rights fears and urges access for UN special rapporteur on torture to whistleblower http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/nov/29/bradley-manning-concerns-mep-letter








Feds Withholding Evidence Favorable to Bradley Manning, Lawyer Charges:  The civilian lawyer for Bradley Manning, the Army private who allegedly leaked tens of thousands of classified U.S. government documents to WikiLeaks, is seeking to question the severity of the leak by requesting the government’s own internal damage assessments that reportedly contradict statements that Manning irreparably damaged national security.








Internet has become ’surveillance machine‘: Julian Assange:  The former hacker criticised journalists and the mainstream media for becoming too cosy with the powerful and secretive organisations they were supposed to be holding to account.

ert Underwater: Who Owns Your Home?.


  The End of Poverty? – Video Documentary –  :  Information Clearing House

  The End of Poverty? – Video Documentary –  :  Information Clearing House.


Banks and Fed $13 Billion Sleazier Than You Thought | Common Dreams

Banks and Fed $13 Billion Sleazier Than You Thought | Common Dreams.