What It’s Like to Be Moved From Cell to Cell, Prison to Prison – written by author & inmate Arthur Longworth


What It’s Like to Be Moved From Cell to Cell, Prison to Prison

Life Inside

What It’s Like to Be Moved From Cell to Cell, Prison to Prison

An endless shuffle takes a toll.

This article was published in collaboration with Vice.

I’m moving cells today. A guard issued the order at 6:30 a.m. this morning during rack-out, when the cell doors first open for the day. He read my name and prisoner number off a list. Soon I was piling all my books — my dictionary, my thesaurus, my Illustrated “Birds of North America” — and all my belongings into a cart outside my cell.

I’m conscious of a not-unfamiliar physical sensation, like a piece of me is being torn away. I try to push the feeling aside and keep…

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Norway police to go back to being unarmed


Norway police to go back to being unarmed

Norwegian police carrying weapons. Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Norway police to go back to being unarmed

The Local · 29 Jan 2016, 13:24


Published: 29 Jan 2016 13:24 GMT+01:00

Norwegian police officers will no longer carry their weapons, the Police Directorate announced on Thursday.

In a press release sent on Thursday, the Police Directorate said that the temporary order to bear weapons will not be renewed when it expires on February 3rd. 
Norway’s police force, which consists of some 6,000 uniformed police officers, normally keep their weapons locked in their patrol vehicles. But in November 2014, police were given the the authority to carry their service weapons in their belts after the Norwegian Police Security…

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WATCH: The world is full of Holocaust deniers


The world is full of Holocaust Deniers

youtu.be/aZISU9mDelU?list=PLk4CCBcMXeAuYOmGwaWXm6VKHIMgOIpEb via @YouTube

WATCH: The world is full of Holocaust deniers

#The world is full of Holocaust deniers. Even though many survivors, witnesses to the horrors of one of the worst crimes in history, are still alive.

At this very moment, thousands of people around the world are watching Holocaust denial videos. 21 million views and counting. No more lies and slander! This is what really happened. 

The World Jewish Congress and its Latin American affiliate, the Latin American Jewish Congress, have teamed up to create a new website dedicated to monitoring videos online that deny and or trivialize the Holocaust: stopholocaustdenial.org.

All of the videos are compiled and entered into a program that reads the number of reproductions (views) each of them gets and saves this in a database. The software runs periodically and systematically and therefore the…

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BLOOD IN THE STREETS Coping With Menstruation While Homeless – by Jennifer Weiss-Wolf : Kindness Blog


BLOOD IN THE STREETS Coping With Menstruation While Homeless – by Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

    Thank you for this wealth

Around the globe there is growing awareness of, and demand for solutions to, the financial and physical burdens of menstruation.

In developing countries the consequence of poor menstrual hygiene can be devastating, even deadly — linked to skyrocketing rates of reproductive infection and illness. An added dose of stigma and shame often keeps girls from attending school during their periods and otherwise living healthy lives.

Here in the United States, many low-income women and girls share a similar struggle — especially those who are experiencing homelessness. Inability to afford tampons or pads, or to access hygiene facilities, can severely compromise women’s health, productivity and dignity.

And no city knows the price and pain of homelessness quite like San Francisco, where a combination of rapid economic growth and…

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Norway’s Biggest Bank Demands Cash Ban

Aotearoa: A Wider Perspective

I have written about how the propaganda to criminalise cash jobs was just a ploy to criminalise cash full stop. Not being able to pay with cash will make it impossible to stay independent of the system and will make it easy to keep charging you fees and taxing every transaction you make!

Now Norway’s biggest bank has joined the choir!


The war on cash is escalating faster than many had imagined. Having documented the growing calls from the elites and propagandist explanations of the „benefits“ to their serfs over the last few years, with China, and The IMF entering the „cashless society“ call most recently, International Business Times reports that Norway – suffering from its own economic collapse as oil revenues crash – has joined its Scandi peers Denmark and Sweden in a call to „ban cash.“

By way of background, as we explained previously, What exactly…

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