Families of Germanwings crash victims offered ‚inadequate‘ compensation: lawyer

Global News

BERLIN – A lawyer for relatives of people killed in the Germanwings crash in March says parent company Lufthansa has made a compensation offer.

Elmar Giemulla said in an emailed statement Tuesday that the company is offering 25,000 euros ($27,740) in compensation per passenger, plus payments of 10,000 euros each to immediate relatives. He described that as „completely inadequate.“

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Prosecutors believe the Airbus A320 was intentionally crashed into a French mountain by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz on March 24, killing all 150 people on board Flight 9525 from Barcelona to Duesseldorf.

Immediately after the crash, Lufthansa offered aid of up to 50,000 euros ($56,000) per passenger to their relatives, independent of any eventual compensation payments.

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Nomads and Neoliberal Society

WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais


Can the nomadic lifestyle resist neoliberal consumer values, or merely extend them?

by Marcel Theroux | Screenwriter, broadcaster and award-winning novelist

Do you think that the nomad is an occidental myth invented by Romantic philosophers?

I think we have to be a bit careful because people mean different things when they use the word „nomad”. It’s come to mean something like „rootless wanderer“, with connotations of freedom and rebellion and living outside society.

But to an anthropologist, or a historian, nomadism describes a particular way of life: the way of life of people who have no settled home. Historically, nomads moved around to follow migrating animals, or because they lived in areas where the soil was too poor to support settled agriculture.

In northern Siberia, for instance, the Even people were nomads right into the 20th century. They followed herds of migrating reindeer which provided them with their food supply…

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EU chief says he feels ‘betrayed’ as he urges Greece not to ‚commit suicide‘ with vote

Financial Post

BRUSSELS — EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker urged Greeks on Monday to back a cash-for-reform package rejected by their government, saying a ‘no’ vote in Sunday’s referendum would mean Greece was turning its back on the European Union.

[np_storybar title=“Five ways that this mess in Greece could shake out“ link=“http://business.financialpost.com/news/economy/five-scenarios-for-greece-in-the-coming-days“]
Greece has never been this close to default and markets are panicking. But what exactly is the country’s fate? Here’s a look at how the scenarios could play out and what it means for the world

Following a breakdown of talks between Athens and its creditors, Juncker delivered a withering criticism of the Greek government which called the referendum and which advised Greeks to vote against creditor proposals.

He said he feels „betrayed“ by the „egotism“ shown by Greece in failed debt talks.

“The whole planet would consider a Greek ‘no’ to the question posed… as meaning that Greece…

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