With Hillary Clinton in the White House, Christians Would Be in a Fight for Civil Survival | The Stream

A Hillary Clinton presidency would end freedom for Christians and shatter the rule of law through corruption, coercion, and Constitutional vandalism.

Source: With Hillary Clinton in the White House, Christians Would Be in a Fight for Civil Survival | The Stream

WikiLeaks‘ 10 Most Damning Clinton Emails that Prove Mainstream Media is Scripted and Controlled

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: WikiLeaks‘ 10 Most Damning Clinton Emails that Prove Mainstream Media is Scripted and Controlled



With information coming out of WikiLeaks at a fast and furious pace, it’s difficult for the average person to keep up with the many bombshell revelations being exposed.  This is happening so much that the most damning evidence is ending up as background noise in the 24-hour election news cycle without ever making it into the mainstream news.

On October 7th, 2016, WikiLeaks publish thousands of emails belonging to John Podesta’s private email archives. More emails have been released in the days that followed. Podesta is Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign Chairman. He previously served as Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama.

The Podesta emails give insight into why there has been such little fanfare in the mainstream media regarding many…

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University of Kansas sorority girl allegedly kidnapped, brutally beaten by Tinder date — New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV


LAWRENCE, Kan. — What began as a Tinder date turned out to be a violent nightmare. A 20-year-old University of Kansas student was kidnapped and brutally beaten by a man she met on the popular dating app, Tinder. Shane Allen, 30, picked the woman up at her sorority house on April 12, WKBW reported. Court documents state […]

via University of Kansas sorority girl allegedly kidnapped, brutally beaten by Tinder date — New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

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Alex Salmond on RT UK banking woes: ‘It’s what tin-pot dictatorships would do’

Alex Salmond on RT UK banking woes: ‘It’s what tin-pot dictatorships would do’

So much for our so-called freedom of the press here in the West.

Source: Alex Salmond on RT UK banking woes: ‘It’s what tin-pot dictatorships would do’ — RT UK


19 Oct, 2016First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond © Brendan McDermid
The closure of RT’s British accounts by a UK majority-state-owned bank would be something one might expect from a “tin pot dictatorship, not a liberal democracy,” Scottish politician Alex Salmond told RT, pledging to protest the move.

NatWest, a major UK bank with the British government its majority shareholder, informed RT that it would no longer provide banking facilities to RT’s UK branch and that the decision was final and not subject to discussion. Russia believes that despite denying this, the British government was behind the decision and that it amounts to an attack on freedom of speech in that country.

Salmond, the former first minister of Scotland, says a similar move taken by a Russian state-owned bank against BBC would provoke outrage in Britain.

“Certainly, it was an extraordinary proposition. If, for example, the BBC were using Russian banking and a state-owned bank were to close its banking facilities, then politicians in this country rightly would be jumping up on that as a restriction of freedom of speech. And if indeed it turns out that a state-owned bank like the NatWest is actually going to close the banking facilities of RT, then that would be the sort of thing that happens in a tin pot dictatorship, not in a liberal democracy,” he told RT.

NatWest has since stated that contrary to what it said initially, the decision may be reconsidered. Salmond hopes the situation, which currently hangs in the balance, will be resolved in a civilized manner.

READ MORE: UK media tries to spin NatWest’s closure of RT’s British accounts, but facts remain the same

“We will have to see how this story unfolds. But I think from both sides of this particular argument we must be promoting a maximum number of points of view and the maximum amount of information because can’t get understanding between people unless you have that free availability of information. And I’ve got no time for people who censor the press, whether it would be in Russia, or in Turkey, or, for that matter, in the United Kingdom,” he said.

The politician added that if the bank does go through with its earlier decision, RT would find support among British politicians, who believe in freedom of speech the way he does.

“If indeed that’s what happens, then you’ll find not just myself, I hope, but all parliamentarians who believe in freedom of speech and who don’t believed that in a liberal democracy we should be afraid of points of view, will be speaking out just as we would speak out if the BBC were being sanctioned elsewhere,” he said.

Orwellian: The West Is Gunning for a Russian Media Ban

The draconian move to ban Russian media only shows how empty Western claims of “free speech” are.

by Finian Cunningham

It would be monumental, but Western states seem to be moving, ineluctably, towards banning Russian news media channels from satellite platforms and the internet. That outcome – albeit with enormous ethical and political implications – seems to be a logical conclusion of the increasingly frenzied transatlantic campaign to demonize Russia.

Washington, London and Paris appear to be coordinating an unprecedented media onslaught that is vilifying Russia for almost every conceivable malfeasance, from alleged war crimes in Syria to threatening the security of Europe, to shooting down civilian airliners, to subverting American presidential elections. And that’s only a sample.

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson declared this week that Russia is in danger of becoming a «pariah state». Ironically, that fate has less to do with Russia’s actual conduct and more to do with the desired objective driving Western policy towards Moscow – to isolate and portray Russia as an international reprobate.

If Russia can be sufficiently demonized in the eyes of the Western public by their governments, then the political context is created for drastic measures, which would otherwise be seen as unacceptable infringements of democratic rights. Measures that go way beyond economic sanctions and into the realm of media censorship. How weird is that? The «free world» which deplores «Russian authoritarianism» moving towards media censorship and policing what it deems as «thought-crime».

European parliamentarians this week voted for a resolution calling for greater «institutional capacities to counter Kremlin-inspired propaganda». The vote was passed by the EU’s foreign affairs committee and will go before the full parliament next month. If it is voted through then, the next step would be institutional mechanisms to block Russian media access.

The hostility towards Russia, as conveyed by the wording in this week’s EU resolution, can only be described as rabid, if not bordering on paranoid. The Russian government was accused of aggressively employing a «disinformation campaign», of «targeting EU politicians and journalists», and of «disrupting democratic values across Europe». In short, Moscow was accused of plotting the downfall of the European bloc. …

Source: Orwellian: The West Is Gunning for a Russian Media Ban

Hello again,…

Kopenhagener 46

… heißt es für die Mietrebellen aus der Kopenhagener 46 am 19.10.2016  um 12.30 Uhr im Raum 2711 am Amtsgericht Berlin Mitte.

Die Duldungsklage gegen die letzten Mieter der Kopenhagener Strasse 46 wegen „energetischer Modernisierungsmaßnahmen“ wird verhandelt.

3 Jahre lang wurde die Mutter, ihre beiden Töchter und ihre zwei Mitbewohner massiven psychischen und physischen Nötigungen ausgesetzt.
Monate ohne warmes Wasser, Strom, Internet, Gas und Heizung liegen hinter ihnen, diverse fristlose Kündigungen und Räumungsklagen erreichten sie, sogar ein Schornsteinabriss bedrohte zwischenzeitlich ihr Leben.
Das alles hat die Bewohner jedoch nicht dazu bewegen können ihre Wohnung zu verlassen.
Und wenn dem Investor dann der Kragen platzt wird auch schon mal eine Richterin unter Druck gesetzt.  (siehe Dokumente  1 und 2 unten).

Nun steht die Verhandlung zur Duldung der angekündigten Maßnahmen ins Haus.

1300,- € soll die monatliche Mieterhöhung alleine für die energetischen Modernisierungsmaßnahmen  betragen.
In den vergangenen 16 Jahren wurden jedoch durchschnittlich…

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