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CHINA: ‘ Police cracks $4.5 billion underground bank network in carrying out $4.5-billion worth of illegal transactions ‘

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#AceNewsReport – Nov.25: Chinese police have busted an underground banking network that handled $4.5 billion worth of illegal transactions at Agricultural Bank of China Ltd (AgBank) alone, the official Xinhua News Agency reported on Wednesday.

Fourteen suspects in four gangs were arrested by police in the northeastern city of Dalian in Liaoning province, Xinhua said, the latest crackdown in the country’s fight against outflows of “grey capital”.

Each gang’s daily illegal transactions exceeded $100,000.

The police found illegal transactions amounting to 28.8 billion yuan ($4.51 billion / £3 billion) from 1.4 million foreign exchange trading records, after investigating more than 2,000 accounts at AgBank, China’s third-biggest lender by assets, the state agency said.

China police cracks $4.5 billion underground bank – Xinhua

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What You Need To Know About South Africa’s Ultra Wealthy

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What You Need To Know About South Africa’s Ultra Wealthy

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LONDON, Nov. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — South Africa is home to 835 ultra wealthy individuals with a combined net worth of US$112 billion, making it the country with the largest ultra high net worth (UHNW)* population in Africa, according to a Wealth-X and UBS study.

Below are other key findings from the study:

  • Johannesburg has the largest UHNW population in South Africa (450 individuals), followed by Cape Town (150 individuals). The remainder are located in other parts of the country.
  • There are 10 billionaires in South Africa with a combined net worth of US$28 billion.
  • 77% of South Africa’s UHNW population is self-made; 17% inherited their wealth and grew it; 6% fully inherited their wealth.
  • South Africa accounts for just under 30% of the region’s total UHNW population.
  • South Africa

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Behind the Curtains of the Greek Tragedy: OCO Launches Public Research on Corruption in Greece That Fueled the Financial Crisis in Greece

Behind the Curtains of the Greek Tragedy: OCO Launches Public Research on Corruption in Greece That Fueled the Financial Crisis in Greece

PR Newswire

GENEVA, November 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

The Organized Crime Observatory organization (OCO) announced today the launch of the public stage of the research, calling the public to send information and evidence regarding suspicions of corrupt conduct by high ranked foreign and Greek officials as well as national and foreign businesses in the country.  

Greece’s latest financial crisis and the widespread accusations of corruption aiming Greek officials, institutions, national and foreign private companies have attracted the attention of OCO since almost one year. This attention was enhanced while OCO was receiving from private individuals information and documentation about such wrongdoings. These involved for example the misuse of political status and Greek funds to support international companies and family owned corporations in tax evasions and illicit activities. They also regard foreign corporation deliberately defrauding Greek companies. The accusations lead OCO to months of internal investigation resulting in meaningful findings, which can be completed with the help of members of the public who may have been aware of any such actions, and wish to disclose information.

OCO is seeking information pointing to large businesses who fail to pay taxes, illicit usage of personal and political connections in order to circumvent the law, and other corrupt affairs related to the country’s significant corporations. As the ones who have been hurt the most by these corrupt habits, the Greek people could best help expose and eradicate them.

OCO is a Swiss based association (NGO) founded in 2001. Its goals are to provide understanding on structured criminal behaviors, patterns and facts, to educate specialists and large public on the phenomenon through education, trainings, lobbying and public announcements and by helping involved parties to communicate between them in a trustful and secure way. The association keeps a database on organized crime and corruption, publishes special reports regarding organized crime and other criminal networks, and has already revealed various international cases.

Relevant information can be received (either by name or anonymously) through the following:
Fill this contact form: http://www.o-c-o.net
Email: info@o-c-o.net
Address: CP 85 – CH 1212 Grand Lancy

CONTACT: +41-22-548-3908

‘Fit for work’ tests have normalised the suffering of sick and disabled people

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‘Fit for work’ tests have normalised the suffering of sick and disabled people

The distress, physical pain and even death of disabled and mentally ill citizens are no longer seen as travesties to avoid but rather little more than collateral damage

Man in a wheelchair‘We know that one million sick, mentally ill and disabled people were put through the work capability assessment between 2010 and 2013.’ Photograph: Janine Wiedel Photolibrary/Alamy

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