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The U.N. Envoy to Yemen Has Quit

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf TIME:

The U.N. envoy to Yemen has resigned, citing “an interest in moving on to another assignment.”

Jamal Benomar, who has served as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s special envoy to the Middle Eastern country since 2012, reportedly threw in the towel due to lack of support from Gulf countries for his peacekeeping endeavors, reports the AFP.

“A successor shall be named in due course,” read a statement from the U.N. “Until that time and beyond, the United Nations will continue to spare no efforts to relaunch the peace process in order to get the political transition back on track.”

Benomar had already mentioned the possibility of resigning in an interview with the New York Times on Wednesday, saying he had already expressed his desire to step down to the Secretary-General.

The conflict in Yemen is continuing to escalate as Shi‘ite Houthi rebels march on the country’s major port Aden after…

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Protester dumps confetti on head of European Central Bank, yells ‘End ECB dictatorship’

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Global News:

FRANKFURT – It was supposed to be the European Central Bank’s first calm meeting in months. President Mario Draghi was to explain how smoothly the bank’s stimulus program was going.

But just as he began his press conference, a protester startled participants by running from the first row of seats and leaping onto the table in front of him. She hurled what appeared to be confetti and screamed, “End the ECB dictatorship!”

Security guards dragged her off the stage in seconds and took Draghi into a side room.

Draghi returned minutes later looking a little shaken but resumed his statement and then answered questions for an hour, at the end earning a small round of applause from the press corps for his composure. An ECB statement said “the activist registered as a journalist for a news organization she does not represent.”

The bank said she went through a metal detector…

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Winston Churchill Day 2015: 18 pictures of Churchill that prove he was The Man

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Metro:

Churchill's classic pose (Picture: Getty Images) Churchill was never shy about striking a pose (Picture: Getty Images)

It’s Winston Churchill Day today.

It’s something the Americans invented when they made Churchill an honorary citizen on April 9th, 1963. John F Kennedy was the US president who bestowed the award on the former British prime minister.

The man himself didn’t go to the ceremony on the other side of the Atlantic, although his son and grandson made the trip.

There are many reasons why Churchill is so loved in Britain. The main one is his role in the Second World War, when he refused to bow to Nazi Germany.

But another factor in Churchill’s popularity – and his legacy – is simply that he was so fricking cool. We’re not used to cool politicians in Britain any more, we’re used to Ed Miliband.

Churchill combined his obvious statesmanship with the demeanour of someone you could happily have…

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Google Maps hack lands Edward Snowden in the middle of the White House

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Global News:

TORONTO – The last place on earth you would expect to see Edward Snowden is smack dab in the middle of the White House – yet, thanks to a Google Maps hack, that’s exactly where he appears to be (on the Internet, at least).

Google Maps is currently listing a fake business, using the guise of a snowboard shop, called “Edwards Snow Den.” But the location was cleverly marked as 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20500 – otherwise known as the White House.

So, on its mobile app and desktop Maps website, there is a little icon that reads “Edwards Snow Den” right below “The White House – Iconic home of America’s President.”


According to Marketing Land, which first reported the prank listing, the address was originally created as a verified business listing on Google.

Google has since removed the verification, but the listing for…

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Keiser Report: Greek Ugly Scenario – Part Deux (E742)

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In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined for another deep economic conversation with Professor Steve Keen. They discuss the “ugly scenario” for Greece and the equally ugly current account deficit in the UK. What is the reality, and what are the solutions?

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$1.6mn for Wrongful Imprisonment*

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf HumansinShadow.wordpress.com:

$1.6mn for Wrongful Imprisonment*

$1.6mn for Wrongful Imprisonment*  https://hwaairfan.wordpress.com/2015/04/11/1-6mn-for-wrongful-imprisonment/

If this happens when many of us are under the notion that law and justice is in place, how many more will be wrongfully imprisoned under a paranoid pathocratic policed state?

Two men have been awarded more than $1.6 million in compensation for their wrongful convictions of murder and death sentences in 1975, and decades spent in prison.

The death sentences for the murder of Cleveland businessman Harry Franks were handed down in 1975 for three people: Wiley Bridgeman, Kwame Ajamu and Ricky Jackson. The sentences were later commuted to life in jail.

The case was destroyed when the key witness, who was 13 years old in 1975, recanted on his testimony, AP reported.
Ajamu – who was called Ronnie Bridgeman in 1975 – was released in 2003 after 27 years in prison. Wiley Bridgeman and Jackson…

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Leonid Bershidsky: In Russia, Hillary Clinton would already have lost

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf National Post:

If Hillary Clinton had just announced her candidacy to run for president in Russia, rather than in the U.S., she’d already be in deep trouble — just because of the video she made for the occasion.

To an American, her fast-paced, feel-good YouTube clip might look like a bland and insincere attempt to touch base with all the main voter groups, or a firm promise to look after the interests of the middle class, made in a hip, iPhone-ready format.

Russian regulators could have argued that children need to be protected from the Clinton campaign.

Russian election watchdogs, however, would cry foul from the first seconds. “According to Russia’s ‘law’ on ‘elections,’ Hillary would have already been disqualified,” tweeted Leonid Volkov, who ran opposition activist Alexei Navalny’s inspired, but unsuccessful 2013 campaign for election as mayor of Moscow.

Shots of three children, coming in the first three seconds of the…

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