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Why TTIP would be bad for Europe

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Most of you probably haven’t heard of the TTIP, and to be honest, I don’t blame you. While you might think there’s not really a reason why you don’t know, I’d say that certain people don’t want you to hear about it, and I’ll explain why.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is currently being negotiated between the European Union and the USA. While reading it I stumbled across this sentence and begin to investigate.

“Improved regulatory coherence and cooperation by dismantling unnecessary regulatory barriers such as bureaucratic duplication of effort”

This sounds wonderful Aditya! Surely this is good?

Well, not quite. The broader implications of this seemingly innocent sentence are actually quite sinister. When you think about it, what TTIP aims to do is crush the best parts of European system we currently have. Let’s take the idea of public health care, something alien to the American government. What…

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The danger of plastics in our ocean is a growing threat, and now a new study has estimated that by 2050, 99 per cent of seabirds will have consumed some sort of plastics from our oceans

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A red-footed booby sits among plastic pollution on Christmas Island.

TORONTO – The danger of plastics in our ocean is a growing threat, and now a new study has estimated that by 2050, 99 per cent of seabirds will have consumed some sort of plastics from our oceans

• The country’s largest retailer is already spending $1.2 billion this year renovating stores and opening new ones. Loblaw’s ban of microbeads, chemicals puts pressure on feds

• In this March 2014 photo, provided by The Ocean Cleanup shows crew members inspecting a 40-meter long proof-of-concept barrier in Pico Island, Azores, Portugal. Boaters return from expedition aiming to map ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’

• A Goliath grouper fish off West Palm Beach, Florida.Human activity has doubled or tripled levels of mercury in oceans: study
Global News
The study, authored by researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Imperial…

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How the NSA hacks PCs, phones, routers, hard disks


2012-13 I researched for a book about pigs in CAFOs – in German language – and even me they spyed out –
i had to buy t h r e e new pc´s Horror & nobody believed me…. they even wrote into my text during i wrote my words …. a good hacker opened my pc & my eyes

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How the NSA hacks PCs, phones, routers, hard disks


Satellite and optic-fiber communications stored

Windows crash reports boon for spies

The website you are visiting is really not the website you want

NSA buys up security exploits to attack vulnerabilities

The cellphone network you are connected to is not the network you want

Your hard disk is not the device you thought it was

The parcels from Amazon are not the parcels you want


…On the subject of operating systems, Appelbaum said the documents revealed subversion techniques against Windows, Linux, and Solaris. In the case of Microsoft, the NSA is monitoring Windows software crash reports to gain insight into vulnerabilities on a target system and exploit them for its own ends.

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There are 141 counties across the U.S. that have more registered voters than people

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From Capital Research Center, Aug 2015

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) has discovered that there are 141 counties across America that have more registered voters than actual living human beings.

“Corrupted voter rolls provide the perfect environment for voter fraud,” said J. Christian Adams, PILF’s president and general counsel of PILF. “Close elections tainted by voter fraud turned control of the United States Senate in 2009. Too much is at stake in 2016 to allow that to happen again.”

PILF advises that it has sent 141 statutory notice letters to county election officials in 21 states. Such notifications are required in order to initiate a lawsuit against those counties under Section 8 of the federal National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

The letters let the affected counties know that they appear to be violating the NVRA because they are not properly maintaining the voter rolls. The NVRA, (also known…

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