Asche von 9/11Opfern landete auf Muellkippe – Ashes from 9/11-Victims dropped unto garbage

Asche von 9/11-Opfern landete auf Müllkippe

Die Asche einiger Opfer der Anschläge vom 11. September 2001 sind auf einer Müllkippe gelandet. Dort waren schon eingeäscherte Leichen von US-Soldaten gefunden worden.

Eingeäscherte Leichenteile von Opfern der Terroranschläge vom 11. September 2001 sind auf einer Müllkippe entsorgt worden.

Foto: dpa/DPA Das Pentagon kurz nach den Terroranschlägen vom 11. September 2001

Es handele sich um nicht mehr zuzuordnende sterbliche Überreste von Menschen, die bei dem Anschlag auf das Pentagon in Washington ums Leben kamen oder mit dem entführten Flugzeug in Shanksville (Pennsylvania) abgestürzt waren, teilte das US-Verteidigungsministerium am Dienstag mit. Die Teile seien so klein oder so verbrannt gewesen, dass sie „nicht getestet oder identifiziert werden konnten“.


Why state senator wants to end death penalty


No death penalty
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Why state senator wants to end death penalty.

Why state senator wants to end death penalty


Should Washington eliminate the death penalty?

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There is a growing movement to put an end to the death penalty in Washington State.

A bill has been introduced in the Senate that would replace the death penalty with life in prison without possibility of parole.

Its supporters say one of its biggest benefits would be to save our cash-strapped state money.

The death penalty is more than a legal or legislative matter for State Senator Debbie Regala, whose brother-in-law was killed in 1980.  The killer was never found.

„I am not speaking in theory,“ Regala said at a news conference on Wednesday. „I am someone who lost a family member to murder.“

„The pain of having lost a loved one to murder never goes away,“ Regala said.

Still, she’s the prime sponsor of a bill that would end the death penalty for emotional and financial reasons.  She said a death penalty case can cost the state up to $2.5 million more than a non-death penalty murder case.    

A defense team on Wednesday argued against the death penalty for Michele Anderson and Joseph McEnroe.  They’re accused of killing six members of Anderson’s family in Carnation on Christmas Eve in 2007. 

The prosecutor has said he will ask for the death penalty for both if they are found guilty in a trial that begins this May.

Supporters of Regala’s bill say it will protect the public by sending murderers to prison for life without possibility of parole.  And they say it will save money at time when the state is more than $1 billion in the red.  

„That money can go for education. That money can go toward services for children who are in families where it’s not the best environment,“ Regala said.

Why Cornel West Was Arrested in Memory of MLK, in Support of the Occupy Movement

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Why Cornel West Was Arrested in Memory of MLK, in Support of the Occupy Movement

John Nichols, News Report: On the day that President Obama and others celebrated the memory of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the dedication of Washington’s King memorial, Dr. Cornel West was a few blocks away—celebrating King with activism on behalf of economic justice and the „Occupy“ movement. After attending the dedication of the King memorial, West joined a „Stop the Machine! Create a New World!“ protest march.