In New York, Florida, Beyond, Protesters Demand Justice in Killing of Trayvon Martin | Common Dreams

In New York, Florida, Beyond, Protesters Demand Justice in Killing of Trayvon Martin | Common Dreams. VIDEO

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The killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the Orlando suburb of Sanford and subsequent lack of charges against Zimmerman has prompted fierce outcry and protests across the nation.

Yesterday protesters massed in New York City in what was dubbed the „Million Hoodie March.“ Marches calling for justice are scheduled for today in Los Angeles and in Martin’s hometown of Sanford. (photo: Gilbert King Elisa)


Visions of Angels Described in Bible May Have Been Lucid Dreams


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Visions of Angels Described in Bible May Have Been Lucid Dreams

Natalie Wolchover
Life’s Little Mysteries
2011-12-21 13:02:00


Sleep researchers say they have established that many of the visions of angels and other religious encounters described in the Bible were likely „the products of spontaneous lucid dreams.“

In a sleep study by the Out-Of-Body Experience Research Center in Los Angeles, 30 volunteers were instructed to perform a series of mental steps upon waking up or becoming lucid during the night that might lead them to have out-of-body experiences culminating in perceived encounters with an angel. Half of them succeeded, the researchers said.

Specifically, the volunteers were told to try to re-create the story of Elijah, a prophet who is referenced in the Talmud, the Bible and the Quran. In one of the stories in the Bible’s Book of Kings, Elijah flees to the wilderness and falls asleep under a juniper tree, exhausted and prepared to die. Suddenly an angel shakes him awake and tells him to eat. He looks around and, to his surprise, sees a loaf of bread baked on some coals and a jug of water. Elijah eats the meal and goes back to sleep. Lead researcher Michael Raduga said this event was chosen from among a multitude of biblical passages involving religious visions during the night, because, „in terms of verifiable results, angels were the ideal choice, as Western culture provides a relatively well-established image for them (wings, white robes, halos, etc.).“

The research, which has not been reviewed by peers for scientific publication, does garner support from some dream researchers who were not involved in Raduga’s study. They said the findings support further inquiry into the basis of such religious visions. One dream expert, however, pointed out that many religious tales of angelic encounters occurred in daytime, which suggests they could not have been dreams.

Aaron Duron Johnson, Lifer Inmate – please, sign the Petition for him!

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There is a Man. Aaron Duron Johnson, Lifer Inmate – and there are only 70 out of 5.000 voices for his PetitionSignatures 70 out of 5,000 Johnson Lifer inmate Colony Men’s Prison Created By Supporter of Aaron Johnson Los Angeles, CA

there is a petition with Change2

Aaron Johnson

Los Angeles, Caliifornia
Supporting Aaron Johnson, incarcerated 21 years for a murder he didn’t commit. Follow his story…

End of Free Flow?

Yes, it’s a terrible shame that the entertainment industry isn’t
making billions of dollars instead just millions. I feel for them,
I really do. (sarcasm)

But are we going to allow for the end of the free flow of
information and ideas, the end of easy and open discourse, and the
end of free speech on the internet so that Hollywood can make more


That’s what the PROTECT IP ACT will give us and little else. This
video elaborates on exactly how that going to work…

– Brasscheck

Michael Morton´s First Day of Freedom!

some links to this wonderful message! I am so glad and wished for all who sitting innocently in prison to come free – soon!

Los Angeles Times:

TX Man Convicted of Wife’s Murder Freed after 25 Years (10/4/11)

ABC News: Michael Morton Goes Free After Nearly 25 Years in Prison, Exonerated for Wife’s Murder (10/4/11)

Washington Post (via AP): DNA Evidence Frees TX Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for Nearly 25 Years for Wife’s ’86 Slaying (10/4/11)