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Für US-Todeskandidaten Skinner geht das Bangen weiter

Gericht gewährt kurz vor Hinrichtungstermin Aufschub

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  • Zwei Tage vor der geplanten Hinrichtung des US-Todeskandidaten Hank Skinner hat ein …

Für den US-Todeskandidaten Hank Skinner geht das Bangen weiter: Zwei Tage vor der Vollstreckung des Todesurteils ordnete ein texanisches Berufungsgericht überraschend an, den Antrag von Skinners Anwälten auf Zulassung von DNA-Proben zu prüfen. Der wegen dreifachen Mordes verurteilte 49-Jährige bestreitet die Tat und bekam schon 2010 einen Aufschub – eine Stunde vor der Hinrichtung.

Skinners Anwälte hatten mehrfach beantragt, am Tatort gefundene Spuren genetisch zu analysieren, um die Unschuld ihres Mandanten zu beweisen. Nachdem erst am Donnerstag ein texanisches Gericht dem Todeskandidaten die Tests erneut verweigerte, legten die Anwälte dagegen Berufung ein. Das Berufungsgericht befand, dass sich die Gesetzgebung zu DNA-Proben in den vergangenen Jahren mehrfach geändert habe, was bisher nicht berücksichtigt worden sei. Deshalb solle der Antrag nun geprüft werden. …

Please, read the whole article there AFP – I am sure, You´ll find it in English, too!

Judge Denies Texas Death Row Inmate´s Request for DNA Tests, less than a Week before Execution


Judge denies Texas death row inmate’s request for DNA tests, less than week before execution

By Associated Press, Published: November 3

HOUSTON — A judge has denied a Texas death row inmate’s request for testing of DNA evidence his attorneys say could prove his innocence, less than a week before the man is set to be executed.

Hank Skinner, 49, is scheduled to be executed Wednesday for the 1993 deaths of his girlfriend and her two sons. Skinner’s attorneys had asked for testing of DNA evidence that was not tested before his 1995 trial…

please, read more there!

HANK SKINNER: Change.org created a petition for Hank!!!

Hank Skinner is scheduled to die on November 9. But the state of Texas may execute him without even conducting DNA tests on all of the evidence from his trial, despite a decade of requests from Hank and his lawyers.

Hank has been on death row since 1995 for the murders of his girlfriend and her two adult sons, and has steadfastly professed his innocence. Since his conviction, the star witness against Hank has recanted her testimony, and others have implicated another man as the killer.

Hank has just 8 days to live. His family created an organization called „Justice 4 Hank,“ and they’re fighting for a DNA test for Hank. 

They started a petition on Change.org asking the Gray County District Attorney and the courts to order full DNA tests to determine if Hank is actually guilty — and to prevent Texas from possibly executing an innocent man. Click here to add your name to the petition.

At the time of his trial, the prosecution conducted DNA tests on the clothes Hank was wearing — but declined to test the rest of the physical evidence, including a rape kit, the murder weapons, several hairs clutched in the victim’s hand, and a bloody windbreaker that strongly resembles that of the man accused by others of being the true murderer.

Since the year 2000, Hank has been requesting that the office of the District Attorney that prosecuted him order DNA tests on the remaining evidence. But the DA’s office has continuously denied those requests, saying Hank should have requested the tests before his trial.

The Gray County District Attorney’s office has neglected to order these tests for more than a decade without consequences. By signing this petition, you can let members of that office know that their actions are being watched, and that it is unacceptable to send a potentially innocent man to his death without collecting all the relevant evidence.

Hank could die as soon as next week. Please sign the Change.org petition created by „Justice 4 Hank“ and demand the Gray County District Attorney order a DNA test on the rest of the evidence before the execution. Click here to add your name:


Please, go to Change.org to sign the petition! Thank You!

Thanks for being a change-maker,

– Michael and the Change.org team

Casus Hank Skinner: The Link to Petition & Videos


here some links:


Don´t forget: Here is a new DNA-Test demanded!

Please, read Hank´s letter whe wrote in the „Hell-Whole“.


Please, view the Video about Hank:


Please, write to Hank:


Michael Morton´s First Day of Freedom!

some links to this wonderful message! I am so glad and wished for all who sitting innocently in prison to come free – soon!

Los Angeles Times:

TX Man Convicted of Wife’s Murder Freed after 25 Years (10/4/11)

ABC News: Michael Morton Goes Free After Nearly 25 Years in Prison, Exonerated for Wife’s Murder (10/4/11)

Washington Post (via AP): DNA Evidence Frees TX Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for Nearly 25 Years for Wife’s ’86 Slaying (10/4/11)

Beyond Troy Davis: How Race Colors Death Row ‘Justice’ – COLORLINES

Beyond Troy Davis

Photo: Creative Commons/World Coalition Against the Death Penalty

Please, read more there: COLORLINES




The state of Georgia ignored a mountain of evidence and killed Troy Davis on Wednesday night. But the movement that grew out of the effort to save his life has cast irreparable doubt on the country’s death penalty system. That a man whose innocence seemed so clear to many—or, at the very least, worth of a second look—can be so hastily killed casts doubt over nearly every stage of his prosecution. And that fact has become a rallying cry for people around the world.

: How Race Colors Death Row ‘Justice’ – COLORLINES.

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