Syrian Coalition Condemns Massacre in Wadi Barada, Calls on Agreement Guarantors to Shoulder Responsibilities

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The Syrian Coalition condemned the horrible massacre committed by regime forces in the village of Deir Qanun in the besieged Wadi Barada valley northwest of Damascus. The massacre claimed the lives of 15 civilians and left dozens more injured.

Civilians fleeing the regime’s barrel bombs and rockets took refuge in a building they thought would protect them from the barrel bombs, rockets, and bombs regime forces and their allied foreign militias were raining on the area. However, the building was directly hit by a regime tank. The brutal assault regime forces and their allies have launched on the Wadi Barada valley is clearly aimed at changing the demography of the region.

The Coalition underscored the need for guarantors of the ceasefire agreement to shoulder their responsibilities towards stopping breaches of the agreement. These breaches included the assassination of the retired Major General Ahmed Ghadban by the Hezbollah militias on Sunday…

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