Amid Media Blackout, Syrian Opposition Begs US-Led Coalition to Stop Bombings

Amid Media Blackout, Syrian Opposition Begs US-Led Coalition to Stop Bombings

As the number of civilians killed by U.S.-led coalition forces in Syria since June rises to above 100, the head of opposition group the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) is asking the U.S. to suspend the coalition’s airstrikes against the Islamic State (ISIS) while the deaths are investigated.

On Monday and Tuesday, dozens of civilians—including many children—were reportedly killed by U.S.-led airstrikes in what observers called the „worst week“ for civilian deaths at the hands of the coalition.

Rebel groups have given civilians 48 hours to evacuate the northern city of Manbij, where 56 civilians were killed by the coalition on Tuesday, in a last-ditch effort to avoid further casualties, according to the Telegraph.

The Pentagon’s internal news service, Stars and Stripes, reported Tuesday that the Department of Defense is investigating the killings. In the Daily Beast

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