European Jewish Congress President opposes Brexit, claims it conflicts with Jewish interestsBy Reinhard Wolff

In a recent article, EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor outlined his opposition to Brexit. Unsurprisingly, his reasons are rooted in his perceived ethnic interests.

His reasons for wanting the UK to remain in the European Union are threefold:

I am unequivocally against the exit because of three serious concerns: my love and care for the UK, where I currently live and raise my three sons; my worry about the united Europe; and finally, the obligation vested in me to fight for the wellbeing and security of Jews in Europe. I also believe my opinion is worth hearing because, as a businessperson, I understand the logic of investment decisions. I see that Brexit-related structural and legal uncertainty has been blocking both business decisions and household spending.

Dr. Kantor’s phrasing seems to suggest that his „love and care“ for the UK is more rooted in self interest –…

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