In Saner Thought

This is my last post before I set off on my weekend activities… let’s end this week on a „creepy“ note……

Have you seen that advert for a power drink where they use the term „puppymoneybaby“?

To say that it is an irritating thing is an understatement…but I found something more creepy than the „puppymonkeybaby“……it is „Deathmetalbaby“!

Flying baby: The Swiss have put on one of the most bizarre opening ceremonies in history to mark the completion of the world's longest tunnel

This is part of the celebration in Switzerland for the opening of the world’s deepest tunnel…….check out other parts of the celebration…….

Source: How Switzerland decided to mark opening of Gotthard Base

I am having a hard time adjusting to the strange and sometimes creepy celebration……whatever the organizers were smoking must be illegal….

You tell me…..

Everyone please have a great weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t…..

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