I have drafted a section on housing and homelessness for this week’s Queen’s Speech

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queens-speech-ncrjThis week the Queen will read Her Majesty’s Most Gracious Speech, sometimes referred to as the Gracious Address, or, less formally, the Queen’s Speech. It has, of course, nothing to do with the Queen herself.  She is merely the messenger.  The speech is written by the government of the day, and sets out its legislative programme for the next session of parliament.

Rather than reading the Prime Minister’s speech this year, I have drafted a section on housing and homelessness which I humbly beseech Her Majesty substitutes for the message prepared by the Prime Minister. This is what I hope to hear on 18th May:

“My Government believes that homelessness is an abomination in this day and age, particularly in the sixth richest economy in the world. Councils will be resourced to build the homes needed to house current and future generations.

“My Government will bring forward legislation abolishing the…

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