Refugees pay own imprisonment; Turkey ‘detains’ parents of unaccompanied refugee children Posted on 27 March, 2016


From the refugee frontline in Greece we present two dispatches – shocking reports. One concerns how refugees are now being made to pay for their own imprisonment; the other is about how the Turkish authorities have been cruelly threatening at least one refugee family whose children have been separated by recent events. In the meantime, while thousands of refugees are being bussed away from the border crossing at Idomeni, elsewhere the myriad of small-scale mutual aid and solidarity operations run by ordinary Greeks at a local level to assist refugees are seeking solidarity. Three weeks back we published an article about two such mutual aid groups in Athens who squatted buildings to function as support centres for refugees. Below is a statement and an urgent appeal for solidarity from another non-state, non-NGO refugee support centre – Cafe Soli on Chios.


There is more to read – to act: 

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