Sentient Christian

ve the so called ‚ #Elite ‚ #Bankers had an #auction yet, for all the stuff they are going to #Pillage from the #Syrian Museums, when they actually get control of #Syria.

Mark Altaweel of the Institute of Archaeology at UCL.
‘Antiquities shouldn’t be bought and sold in private collections’ … Mark Altaweel examines objects from the Institute of Archaeology’s collections in London. Photograph: Martin Godwin for the Guardian

Mark Altaweel is surprised at how easy it is. A few hours into a hunt around London, the near-east specialist from the UCL Institute of Archaeology has uncovered objects that, he says, are “very likely to be coming from conflict regions” in Iraq and Syria. The items – pieces of early glass; a tiny statue; some fragments of bone inlay – range from the second to fourth centuries BC. Altaweel says they are so distinctive that they could only have come from a particular part…

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