Stop Turkey-European Union anti-refugee agreement

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This video says about itself:

Greece: Refugees in Idomeni | DW Reporter

19 March 2016

Tens of thousands of refugees are stranded in the Idomeni camp on Greece’s border with the Republic of Macedonia. Most are trying to reach Germany. But now the border’s closed. They have nowhere else to go.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Dutch Socialist Party: agreement with Turkey helps mainly politicians in distress

Today, 16:57

The SP says the agreement between the EU and Turkey belongs in a trash can. „This is a solution for politicians in need and not for human beings in need,“ said party leader Roemer at a party congress in Amersfoort. According to him, the UN Refugee Convention must be the basis for agreements with the Turks, „but that is now being buried by [Prime Minister] Rutte and [leader of the PvdA party, junior partner in…

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