Hillary Clinton Blatantly Violated Massachusetts Election Laws


by Rudy Panko, from Russia Insider


Hillary Clinton sent her husband to ‚tie up loose ends‘ in Boston. There’s no question that election violations occured — but nothing will be done.

It would be naive to expect anything less than sleazeball tactics from the Hillary Clinton campaign, but what they just pulled off in Massachusetts takes the sleazeball cake, topped off with an election fraud cherry just for good measure.

We’ve already documented how the Clinton machine worked its magic in Nevada and Iowa. But what happened in Massachusetts just shows how committed the Democratic Party is to defrauding American voters.

Using her husband as her surrogate election fraudster, Hillary sent Bill on a „tour“ of several Boston-area polling sites. Armed with a megaphone, Bill not only campaigned for his wife directly in front of several polling places (which is a violation of Massachusetts „electioneering“ laws) but also

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