These Shocking Facts about Walmart Are Pretty Disturbing


Walmart is far and away the most popular, the biggest, and the most visited store in the entire world.

Some people say they’re about world domination, but ultimately Sam Walton’s dream to serve people with great prices, great value, and a great selection is going strong.

This is how they’ve become the largest retailer in the entire world with earnings which dwarf the GDP of more than 150 countries.

No matter your opinion on Walmart these facts are indisputable.

Now when it comes to the importance of Walmart in America let’s just say without the store million of people would find themselves in a world of hurt.

It’s estimated every single week more than 100 million people will visit a Walmart store. More than 1/4 of all grocery sales in America are from Walmart, and if you were to put every single Walmart next to one another they would occupy 32 square miles…

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