Cyber-Espionage: The Biggest Dangers are the Ones You Will Never Know About

The Tactical Hermit


For years, I slept fitfully after a “friend” told me that it wasn’t the noisy mosquitos buzzing in my ears at night that were a problem.  Instead, it was the female mosquitos that made no noise at all but laid eggs in your ears at night.  That image wrecked my sleep until the Internet helped me to dispel the myth years later.

The cyber threat is a little like the silent mosquito.  The biggest dangers are the ones that you will never know about.

However, if you follow the public discourse on the nature of the cyber threat to the U.S., it seems that the bulk of the dialogue has to do with the issue of hackers and the thousands of daily thwarted attacks against government and private computer systems.  It is almost as if the danger is easily detected, and a better password and up-to-date antivirus software can solve…

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