Church of England synod A judge has called for public life in Britain to be de-Christianised

CHRISTIANITY in Britain has been downgraded by other religions rising in prominence, a top judge has ruled, sparking furious backlash from the Church of England.

A major inquiry into religion in modern society, led by former senior judge Barnoness Butler-Sloss, has called for public life in Britain to be de-Christianised. 

The two-year report found a decline in church goers – but a rise in Islam and other faiths – was the reason for a steep decline in Christianity.

The findings have provoked fury among Cabinet ministers who say it is „seriously misguided, while the Church of England said it had been „hijacked“ by humanists.

Compiled by the Commission on Religion and Believe in British Public Life, the report suggested faith schools should be stripped of powers to select their own pupils because they are „socially…

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