FEATURED: Social media giant #Twitter has pledged to clamp down on #trolls once and for all, according to reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Dec.26: Malicious users of the site are said to be hampering its efforts to be a frontrunner in the online news market and its European head, Bruce Daisley, told the Independent newspaper that Twitter is committed to cleansing the service as it enters its 10th year.

Twitter reportedly plans to introduce measures that spell out to trolls that their undesirable communications have an effect in the offline world, as well as the virtual space.

Twitter has vowed to crack down on trolls.

Twitter has vowed to crack down on trolls.

By making it clear that trolls‘ actions exist „in the real world“ and encouraging victims to shop their abusers by publishing their names, it hopes to eradicate trolling and improve its brand.

Twitter has been valued at a reported £22 billion, a fraction of rival Facebook. The social media behemoth has over one billion users and is valued at £167 billion.

A number of…

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