Save the Children
Save the Children
    Dear Friend,16 million girls and boys in America live in poverty — for some, poverty means a severe lack of simple needs like books, healthy food, and places to play and exercise. For others, it’s worse — like not knowing if there will be food on the table or a safe place to sleep.

Without early intervention, these children are far more likely to drop out of school, be arrested for violent crime, or become teen parents. But with your support, we have the solutions and experience to help free these children from poverty and give them a chance at a better life.

Sponsor a child in the U.S. today. and you will join Save the Children in delivering early childhood development, literacy, nutrition and most importantly, hope for a healthier and more successful future for some of America’s neediest and most vulnerable girls and boys.

As a child sponsor you will receive a photo and personal letter from your sponsored child, updates on their progress and, if you choose, the opportunity to communicate with them and play an even more positive role in their future.

Sponsor a child today    
To have an even greater impact for the most children, we will combine your contributions with those of other sponsors, rather than give them directly to your sponsored child, to support programs that help improve the lives of your child and all eligible children and families in their community.Experience the life changing effect that sponsoring a child can have for them, and for you. Give children in America freedom from poverty and become a sponsor today.

Mark Shriver
Senior Vice-President U.S. Programs
Save the Children



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