Juvenile Inmates in Privately Run Prisons Face Severe Abuse

Juvenile Inmates in Privately Run Prisons Face Severe Abuse.

Feature Stories | Published 11 May 2012, 10:45 am | No Listen Privately run prisons in the United States are today among the fastest growing sector of the prison industry, housing well over a hundred thousand inmates. What most of us may not know, is that increasingly, juvenile offenders are being housed in such facilities, where a lack of accountability has led to serious violations of state and federal laws.

Privately run prisons are big business. For example, GEO, the company that ran Walnut Grove Youth Correctional Facility in Mississippi earned $14 million each year from that state. However, its juvenile inmates faced horrendous living conditions and abuse. The young men aged 13 to 22 were sexually abused by prison staff, and subjected to overuse of pepper spray, solitary confinement, rampant violence, inadequate medical and mental health treatment and a lack of rehabilitative programs. … Please, read the whole article!

Please, note: I am so glad, that this theme is on the tablet! I have such a deep mercy with all the children and youth, coming to prison. Children need LOVE, Strength, Education, patience, a good model-learning… please, let us not forget to love our children, they need it so!



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