In Occupy Boston Tent City, The Unheard Find a Voice | Common Dreams

In Occupy Boston Tent City, The Unheard Find a Voice

by Mark Arsenault

The theme of Occupy Boston, the tent-city protest in Dewey Square, is hard to pin down. It is like a rolling snowball that collects victims of the Great Recession and those who otherwise feel ignored or disenfranchised.

Joe Gallivan, who is homeless and unemployed, walked past the tents in Dewey Square set up for the Occupy Boston protest. (Bill Greene/Globe Staff) Some of the protesters want to abolish the Federal Reserve. Others demand more housing for veterans. A few admit to being there because it is fun to be part of something big.

The unifying theme, if there is one, is the sense that the voice of the little guy has gone unheard for too long“

„It’s not just a bunch of pot-smoking hippies here,’’ said Hilary Richard, 21, a café barista from Beverly. “These are people who want to make a difference.’’

To be sure, the pot-smoking hippie contingent is represented. Yet so are middle-aged, Izod-wearing Republicans who long for political conciliation in Washington.

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